Who knew?

Well. Last Friday, I picked up an email at about 5.45, asking me if I fancied joining in a 5k race at Clacton.

I’d sent an email to a local Triathlon club just making some enquiries and saying hello, and a few messages had bounced backwards and forwards.

The race started at 7pm, and I needed to feed my dogs, stop at the cashpoint and get myself to Clacton in time. I almost didn’t go, but trying to start as I meant to go on, and hearing nothing but pathetic excuses, I decided to just go for it.

I made the start line a couple of minutes after the main pack left, and true to form, had to stop for a little visit to the loo before I got going properly.

My normal running route is about 4k, around some fields and lanes near my house. I was completing this in about 35 minutes, running most of it and then walking the last stretch. It’s a nice route, but a bit dicey as if I tripped, I probably wouldn’t be found for months. Every time I go out, I have visions of the first Superman film where the kids are playing in the field and don’t know they are about to get munched by a combine harvester. I haven’t actually seen any combine harvesters in these particular fields, just an exuberant Jack Russell and a couple of huskies. But that’s not the point. It’s very overgrown, and the nettles are taller than me in places.

So. I set off on my race, and was pleased to receive lots of encouragement from the local kids. In fact I was pleasantly surprised as I was expecting to get shouts of the four lettered variety, but I think they felt sorry for me as I was so obviously slower than everyone else. The marshals were also very cheerful.

The race was out and back along the sea front, and it was a gorgeous evening. I ran the majority of the out stretch, and then set off back. Into a fair old wind. I hadn’t even thought about this on the way out, which was a good thing.

On the way back, I ran about half of the distance. I ran a bit, then walked a bit, and marked this by various buildings along the sea front. Eventually I got to the finish line, and was both utterly delighted and completely amazed that I’d run as much as I had.

I found the folks from the triathlon club and introduced myself, and not only did I wangle my way into the team photo but also managed to go home with a bottle of wine – turned out we were the third placed  ladies’ club.

If I had known wine was given out at the end of the race, I would have taken up running years ago.

Here is our team photo, which appeared on the back page of the Clacton Gazette yesterday. I’m in the blue top with a very pink face.

This week has been a bit of a disappointment (apart from being in the paper). I’ve had a horrible ear infection which has completely flattened me. Even though I haven’t been running for very long, I have really missed not being able to get out.

Addicted already? Could well be…..


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