Kitting out

The wetsuit has landed. The first time I tried it on was after a 20 mile cycle ride, and was not a pleasant experience. I really felt this should be an Olympic sport in its own right. The second time, with a few top tips, it was much easier. I am keen to try swimming in it, but ever-so-slightly petrified too.

Since I started my training for Nightrider, and therefore by default, for my Triathlon, my kit has been on the shabby side.

I have a good pair of running shoes (purchased on my honeymoon for one – see other blog for explanation).

My running/cycling top cost me Β£2 from Matalan last winter.

My sports bra was 5 years old (although not worn much).

My cycling/running tights cost me Β£15 in the YHA Manchester sale about 14 years ago.

A couple of weeks back, I bought a new sports bra, courtesy of a Tesco clubcard deal with Figleaves. Ended up free.

This week I shelled out for a very blingy triathlon suit – an all in one lycra number intended to go under your wetsuit so that once out of it, you don’t have to get changed again. I agonised for ages over it, and only went for it because it was a) in the sale and b) my Olympic Gamesmaker friend gave me some money towards the housekeeping when he stayed. I was so excited, but it arrived and I was distinctly underwhelmed. It cost as much as my running shoes, and was delivered with a mark and a hole in it. It also didn’t fit so is going back.

In the post today, I received a freebie running vest from the Lymphoma Association, the main reason for all this triathlon business in the first place.

It’s yellow. This is about the worst colour for me, but I’m just going to have to get over it.

Since my last post, the news has been filled with stories of the worst hayfever season in 20 years. This makes my head feel a little better, if not my lungs….


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