Walking on Ice…. or Lessons for Life?

As I look out of my window, the sun is shining on the hill behind me, there is a bit of snow on the top of the hill but most of it has now melted.

What hasn’t melted, however, is the ice on some of the pavements and footpaths where I walk my dogs.

The gritters have been out on the roads and pavements regularly, but I seem to be out late at night and early in the morning and this is often just before they do their rounds.

At first, I wasn’t bothered, and admired the sparkle and flakes on the pavement. I even went running on some fairly dicey trails last weekend.Β 

Then on Monday night at about 11 o’clock, during the last turn out for the dogs, I had quite a heavy fall and landed on the back of my head and my bum. Fortunately I had a thick fleecy hat on, as I think otherwise I would have cut myself as well as getting a very fine bump. I had a good howl for a few minutes, feeling very stupid sitting on the pavement clutching my head, with one of my dogs licking my ears.

In attempting to stay upright, I think I must have used every single one of my ab muscles as they have been aching all week.

My previous fearless approach had gone, and perhaps unsurprisingly I’d become a bit wussy about the ice.

Gradually, I’ve relaxed as I’ve been walking, and the more relaxed I’ve been, the better I’ve felt.

While we were out this morning, on what looked like slush with a few puddles but was actually sheet ice all the way along the path, a few thoughts came to me.

They are ostensibly about walking safely on ice, but it occurred to me that perhaps they apply quite well to life as well….

1) Take a deep breathΒ 

2) Relax, the more tense you are, the more it will hurt when you land

3) Wear appropriate footwear

4) Remain on your guard and concentrate on what you are doing – just as you think you’re OK this is often when you will fall again.


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