A little pause

Today is a little lull in the storm. Unfortunately this has been induced by a boomerang lurgy, however I am taking the hint and am taking it very easy.

I should have been running my very first half marathon today. However, just over a week ago I injured my right knee while out on a long run (frustratingly it was going very well and I felt great until then!). It left me very sore and very worried in case I couldn’t play in all the various things that March would bring. It eased a little, but when it didn’t show any signs of disappearing, I went to see an osteopath (found via Twitter!) for some treatment. Thankfully it doesn’t look to be serious and I was passed to run if I wanted to. Sadly that day I was also feeling the first tickle of a cold. I decided that I would take the hint and would probably not be taking part in the half marathon.

I spent most of last Thursday afternoon attempting to snooze off the cold, in the hope of being fit for 6 hours of Carousel rehearsals on Friday. It was not to be. I woke up on Friday morning, dragged myself out to tend to the hounds and then went straight back to bed. I could barely have held the harp up let alone stayed focused for any meaningful period of time, and I was devastated to have to call in sick.

I made it in yesterday afternoon for the first rehearsal in the orchestra pit which brought challenges of its own. Heavily drugged up and very snuffly, I survived but did not play well and was upset about this. Some of this was nerves, some of it was a tough harp part, the rest of it was really caring about being lucky enough to be a part of such a fantastic production and not wanting to stuff things up for anyone else.

Tomorrow evening I am playing in a concert, and have lots of rehearsals for this tomorrow afternoon. The final number of the concert features 4 harps plus the entire RCS jazz department, so I am really excited to be taking part in this.

So today is about resting up and getting better, although some practice will still be happening as there is so much to work on. And a little reading for an approaching history essay deadline. And some washing up. Hopefully another couple of days and I will be back on form – I’m missing running, and I really want to be able to enjoy everything that’s coming up rather than just surviving it.

There’s a few things bubbling away under the surface that are very exciting but very scary too, and these will need every ounce of energy and strength that I possess in order to make the most of them.


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