Coincidence? Or something helping you along your way?

I read a wonderful book a couple of years ago while I was on a harp workshop in Italy. I was in the process of making some big decisions about work, me, life and the harp and how they all fitted together. The book talked about the importance of coincidence, and how sometimes it can seem as though you are being helped along your way by a series of events seeming to occur in your favour. Of course, this can be about luck, but can also be brought about by putting yourself in situations where lucky things can happen – or making your own luck.

I’m not a religious person but I do very strongly believe in signs and things happening for a reason, and have had lots of experience of ludicrously unlikely chains of events that have led to equally incredible things happening.

Yesterday I went for a short run to see how my recently recovered knee was getting along. I came back craving Easter eggs so headed off to the Co-op in the hope there would be some left.

I’m not really a big eater of chocolate and definitely hadn’t planned on eating any Easter eggs (bar several packets of Mini Eggs that replaced my mince pie addiction after Christmas).

I haven’t bought a Sunday paper in many years, but with a whole bank holiday to fill, I bought a copy of the Sunday Times.

Inside it was the programme of events for the Edinburgh International Festival that’s coming up in August. I didn’t know much about this and wasn’t planning on going to any of it.

But I was delighted to see that not only are there some performances of various works I’ve been studying this year, but there’s also a harp concert by the current Royal Harpist Hannah Stone. There’s also something in the vein of an idea I’ve had for the future, and I am now really looking forward to going along to listen, and to plot.


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