So, what exactly do you do with an unworn wedding dress?

***NB This is a very cheerful post despite the subject matter***

The undeniable fact is that I have an unworn £1700 Alexander McQueen dress boxed up in my wardrobe. (NB Thanks to the, I didn’t pay £1700 for it). I bought it for my wedding 2 and a half years ago, and this ended up not happening.

I have no idea what to do with it but I will not be parting with it any time soon. I’ve been in my new place 6 months now, and no amount of wardrobe decluttering is going to solve this one in a hurry.

The dress is Dairy Milk purple satin, a full length Grecian style draped column dress, and even now I would have to starve for a week or two to fit in it, but this is doable.

I would have to chop about a foot off said dress in order not to do myself an injury in it, and that assumes I am wearing the equally fabulous 5 inch stiletto heels I bought to go with it.

I’d hoped to do a stunning outdoor harp shoot wearing it, but another harpist has a similarly coloured frock on her website and much as I admire her, I feel no need whatsoever to be stealing anyone else’s ideas, however wonderful they are!

As it’s such a gothy dress, I wondered about something beachy a la Madonna’s Frozen video. I am a former teenage goth (well, loved the black, wasn’t so keen on the music) and I have two beautiful big black hounds who would look the part. Even my harp is black. It’s one of my favourite songs, I love all the imagery in the video, but it doesn’t feel quite right any more. I think I need something a bit more triumphant than that. I’m surrounded by dramatic scenery where I live, so surely it shouldn’t be that hard to come up with something?

It is a FABULOUS dress. Despite the circumstances I am glad I have it.

I’m also extremely glad I didn’t spend £1700 on the minuscule Lanvin White Collection dress I had my eye on…

No one ever really tells you what to do in the case of a cancelled wedding. You often see second hand dresses advertised for sale, but this isn’t a white one, and besides, I really love it and I don’t hold any bitterness or angst towards it at all.

I just want to do it justice rather than having it sitting in a box.

Any thoughts?


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