Good things


I had some bad news today. It was nothing I didn’t already suspect, but somehow seeing it confirmed in black and white made it all the more real. It’s big news and has a big impact on my the immediate future. However I am determined not to let it put me off course.

So I am thinking about good things. Counting my blessings if you will.

I’m currently watching Frontline to Finish Line – the Race2Recovery team’s incredible journey to compete in and complete the Dakar Rally. Simply amazing – the hardest race in the world, completed by injured servicemen.

I have a sleek black greyhound snoozing away either side of me on the sofa. These beautiful gentle creatures (well maybe not if you are a cat or a hedghog) are happy, healthy rescued retired racers who faced an uncertain future before they came to live with me.

I have a good education, plenty to eat, good medical care and access to clean water.

Every day I get to do something amazing when I pull my harp onto my right shoulder and play wonderful music with my friends. I have big plans on this front.

I’ve had some great feedback on my blog recently, including visits from some very important people and a comment (followed up with an email) from someone especially important. I write it mostly for myself, but I’m enjoying blogging so it has been a real boost to know that it is being well received.

Earlier this week I met a new harp buddy for coffee and we had a great mixture of harp and bike racing chat.

Every day I open my curtains and see the Campsie Fells behind my house.

Tonight I’m going to give my much loved jaffa orange KitchenAid a work out and bake some cakes.

I have a hugely supportive family who I love to bits. I don’t see them often enough but we are in touch regularly.

Some of my oldest friends have a new baby girl and I can’t wait to meet her.

Oh and I might just have reversed my run of seemingly endless rubbish luck on the man front…. And he’s a chef πŸ™‚

The photo at the top of this post was taken outside the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art in EdinburghΒ last SaturdayΒ – at first I thought it was rather glum, but I thought about it on my way across to perform in the Cathedral and felt differently.

Miracles rarely happen. I truly believe we make our own luck by working hard and putting ourself in the right places where ‘lucky’ things may happen. I thank Jennifer CrookΒ for these words of wisdom some years ago.

Today demonstrates that bad times come, but I hope that by thinking of Good Things, I can keep myself on track and not get dragged down.

Across the road from the sign above, there was this sign

I couldn’t get my own picture as I was too far away Β (this one is from the BBC News website).

Today, thinking back to it, I am reminded of John Lennon’s words as posted on my blog a few weeks ago.



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