The Bucket List

This is a somewhat overused term lately, and generally describes a list (either actual or just in your head) of things to do before you pop your clogs. Or kick the bucket. Or whichever other way you choose to describe your passing.

I am lucky and have managed to achieve several things I never thought would be possible. I’ve raced a motorbike, at some of our finest tracks in the UK, as well as venturing to Holland to sample the tarmac at Assen. I’ve taken part in two triathlons. I’m now a runner. I’ve played my harp on stage with a band. I’ve owned several of the motorbikes I dreamt about when I was younger.

There are many things I’d still love to do, verging from the ridiculous to the downright insane, and from free or very cheap through to eyewateringly expensive.

I had an email this morning inviting me to enter a competition to win some funding towards achieving something on my list. (edit Jan-14 – competition over so I’ve removed the link)

It’s good to be reminded that not all your dreams have to be expensive to fulfil, neither do they have to be outrageous. That’s not what makes them dreams.

Here are two of the things on my bucket list.

At the budget end of the scale, I’d love to do a walk across Morecambe Bay with the Queen’s Guide to the Sands, Cedric Robinson MBE. It’s an extremely dangerous place to the uninitiated, due to the tides and the quicksand. I love the sense of danger, the history and the local knowledge required to safely negotiate the bay. Every walk is different, and the skill involved in navigating somewhere with so few features fills me with awe.

All I need to do this one is to book a space on one of the walks planned this year, book my dogs into the kennels, fill the car up with diesel and get on the M6. So Β£50 towards it would do very nicely.

At the more extravagant end of the scale, I’d like to ride my motorbike to Monte Carlo. Now I live in Scotland, this is slightly more of a challenge than it was when I lived in the south of England and was handy for all the ferry terminals. I’ve watched the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix many times, and the blue of the ocean and all the glamour and glitter really appeal. It’s also a location in one of my favourite films, The Red Shoes.


I’d love to roll up on my bike outside the Hotel de Paris in Casino Square with just a pair of GHDs, killer heels, clean undies and a posh frock in my tail pack. I’d park my bike and go into the hotel to get magically transformed into a glamorous European It girl (stop laughing at the back!) and then head out for a night on the town and dance the night away.

A couple of years ago, when I was renewing my bike insurance, I got chatting to the chap on the phone doing my quote. I’m not quite sure how but I ended up challenging him to a race to Monte Carlo, my GSXR750 versus his Seat Leon Cupra R. He might have thought I was joking. I never joke about such things, and I hope to at least keep up my end of the bargain before too long.

Ticking this off the list isn’t beyond reach, but times are hard at the moment and a few other things have to take priority.

Here’s a picture of my bike last year getting into the spirit, on a beautiful sunny day at the docks in Ipswich. It could almost pass for Monaco, don’t you think? Hmm…


Here are a few other bloggers who I know have itchy feet and a love of adventure, and know how to enjoy themselves on a budget.

I wonder what their Bucket Lists would look like?

I’d love to hear what’s on other people’s lists too – one budget, one less budget.


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