Sailing away

Not long after I started my course at the RCS, I came across this wonderful quote from Mark Twain. Along with Cheri at Cwtch CornerΒ  I’m very fond of a good quote, but this one in particular has stayed with me. It comes from Jonathan Lockwood Huie’s Daily Inspiration Daily Quote site, and you can download it as a poster if you so desire.

Leaving my old life behind was a huge step and an even bigger risk, and one by one all the ties to it have pretty much been cut. I don’t mean that I’ve turned my back on everyone and everything, but there was a lot that I was hanging on to out of habit, and it needed to go.

Now there is just one final bowline remaining. All being well, if all the planets are in line and the fairies are smiling on me, I should be able to cast that one off very soon.

Sierra Exif JPEG


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