Flop Day

Yesterday afternoon, I started to feel a little as though I might be coming down with a bit of a lurgy. Over the years, I’ve got better at listening to this feeling when it comes. It’s normally preceded by little signs such as a few bizarre tears catching me offguard, dropping/breaking something in the kitchen and utterly insatiable hunger. I left work a little early as the numbers were starting to blur, and went to hunt out something big for my dinner.

This morning, I felt utterly wiped out. I went back to bed, rang in sick and have spent the day at home just mooching about. I’m not streaming snot, but I know now that if I take things easy at this stage, I can often see off a cold or at least dispatch it a little quicker.

After a good sleep, a few mugs of tea and a couple of pains au chocolat that were lurking in the bottom of the freezer, I felt ready to get some fresh air. The sun was out, and the hills behind my house were looking beautiful. I wished I had more oomph, but then if I had that, I wouldn’t have taken the day off…

The dogs were restless having missed out on their 6am weekday walk, so leads went on and off we went.

It felt like the first time in months that I’ve been able to take them for a walk in the daylight. There was no need for their coats – not only was it sunny but it was dry too. There was no need for my horrible fleecy hat, and no need for my headtorch. Gradually it’s getting lighter at 6am, but it will be another couple of weeks before I can walk without it.

It was good to feel the sun on our backs. The hounds are black, and I could feel the warmth on their fur. We met a beautiful black and white English bull terrier – I’d never seen one that colour before, and he was a very handsome boy.

It was a stolen day in many ways, I wasn’t really so ill as to be confined to bed and I probably could have managed at work. I’m temping at the moment and if I don’t work, I don’t get paid, and so I didn’t feel remotely guilty about taking the time I needed. This was a day for the soul as much as the body, and while I will feel it financially, it has been worth it.

One hound needed to go to the vets so we did that. I needed a haircut so I did that. A couple of minor errands were run Β but otherwise, I’ve enjoyed being at home taking things slowly. I have a big year ahead of me and I need to look after myself to get through it.

I did an online survey for something or other, and was rather caught out by the following question, and suggested responses:


I like working. Once my debts are cleared, I will be OK for money (subject to earning money by working). I wouldn’t mind a nicer car but the one I have does just fine, and I have a very nice motorbike which is faster in a more usable way than a Ferrari, and is much cheaper. I’d like to get away for a few days for some sunshine and to get my toes in the sea, but a round the world cruise isn’t my cup of tea at all.Β I love my life and those who share it with me. I choose those people carefully.

I ticked Other. The only thing I want is more time.


(The dog picture is of Wendy, mid-wriggle, on a baking hot day, enjoying the sunshine amongst the cool but far-too-long grass and all the weeds in my old garden. Ronnie was away at the vets, and I think she quite liked the peace and quiet and having the garden all to herself. It makes me smile and want to have a wriggle every time I see it.)


4 thoughts on “Flop Day”

  1. I wondered about the pension too – that’s a good idea about the voluntary thing. Ronnie is fine thanks, another lump appearing on his toe and suspect he’ll need another op to remove it. It was a real pig to heal last time but fingers crossed. X

  2. Hi! No, haven’t jacked it in, although the finances would be much better if I did. I’ve had a bit of a break from it, which I needed, and have started to miss it again. Post brewing on that one too!

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